Why a Road Trip With Your Significant Other Will Improve Your Relationship

Every trip is a journey of self-discovery. Should you decide to go on a road trip with your loved one, it can easily become a treasured occasion to rejuvenate your relationship and discover new things about each other.

There is something truly enticing about venturing into the unknown with someone who shares joys and woes with you – a pilgrimage that can bring out all of the best qualities that have kindled the romance in the first place. An opportunity to swipe the plate clean is only one aspect of a whole cornucopia of reasons why a couple’s road trip will improve your relationship.  

Get out of the comfort zone

It’s easy to fall into a routine. Tucking into the nooks and crannies of a plush couch with a warm blanket over you and a favorite TV show on a big screen may just be a temptingly comfortable idea, but it can turn your relationship with the loved one stale. Bonds are forged on the anvil of new experiences and unknown circumstances, so you should get out of your comfort zone and leave your humble abode for the realms unknown.

Once your eyes have become accustomed to the organic flow of the outdoor sites and the expansive horizon, your immunity will become stronger and your ability to handle stressful situations will increase. Furthermore – and this pertains particularly for lovebirds – your libido will get stronger by a significant margin.

You can mold your own experience

No one can deny the upsides of an escapade to a lover’s paradise – a singular destination that comes with a range of amenities and pleasures. However, most such vacations come with a detailed predefined schedule, so you’ll lose a sense of adventure you can otherwise get with a freeform road trip. If you just pack up with your loved one and hit the road, you can mold your own experience. Choose destinations that you like, stay in a range of preferred accommodations and make turns on a whim while listening to the music and podcasts that inspire both of you.

Thankfully, the vast market of products today will grant you a chance to quite comfortably choose the best car stereo for your needs. These needs entail, above all else, built in Bluetooth and functionality and USB plugs so both you and your loved one can prepare hours upon hours of your favorite music and turn your epic road trip into an adventure akin to the most classy film musicals.

You will learn new things about each other

As it has already been mentioned, routine can put you in dire straits. When both you and your loved one spend so much time together in an enclosed space, stuck in the loop of same habits, you will become tired of each other and possibly think that there is not all that much you can learn about one another anymore. Road trips prove that this is a wrong assumption. Exposed to a variety of different circumstances on the road, you will become quite surprised about the unexpected ways your ‘better half’ reacts in novel situations.

Bonding moments abound

Apart from learning new things about each other, you will also come across countless hotspots and circumstances that easily serve as ideal bonding moments. Road trips are not just about long stretches of driving, punctuated by some interesting events. Every corner of the world hides something captivating, and all you’ve got to do is pull over and check the surroundings. Each of these treasured moments becomes a treasured memory which can become immortalized through snapshots and short videos. However, no reproduction will ever be able to emulate the feeling of camaraderie you will feel for each other at that moment.

Open road means open communication

Humans are primarily social beings that have managed to develop complex bonds by the virtue of communication, and seasoned lovers are especially known for having complex relationships. Naturally, this means that clear and honest communication between two lovers is crucial for a smooth, healthy relationship. Road trips are practically a ‘conversational aphrodisiac’. The long stretches of highway offer plentiful situations for good natured chatting and deep discussions in equal measure.

It is not a secret that world can be a bleak place, and kindled flames of love manage to bathe the surrounding darkness with gentle light, at least for a little while. Each spark can become a vast flame, so it is up to you and your significant other to keep the fire going.  Extensive road trips filled with new experiences and alluring sights are a reliable fuel that adds more vigor to the flame, and the reasons listed above are some rather convincing arguments that should push both of you into action. Hardly anyone ever regrets it.

Posted by Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis is a father, writer, traveler and a fitness nut. His favorite quote: There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind. You can find him on Twitter @IanWLewis

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