Singles and Sochi: The Sexier Side of the Winter Olympic Games

It looks like some singles aren’t watching the Sochi Winter Olympics for the love of sport! Here at PlentyOfFish we wanted to turn up the Olympic heat by surveying our users from across the US and Canada to identify the sexiest male and female athletes and the most and least attractive sports according to singles.

The survey also combined internal analytics to determine whether a mutual interest in sports plays a meaningful role in forming relationships.The survey showed that nearly 1 in 2 single men are watching the Olympics because the athletes are sexy, and roughly 1 in 3 single women admit to watching a sport purely for the sex appeal. More than a quarter of all singles admit to fantasizing about these athletes – so let the games begin! The Top 5 Sexiest athletes from the singles survey include:

Top 5 Sexiest Male Athletes Competing at Sochi:

  1. Bode Miller (Skiing) 22.4%
  2. Henrik Lundqvist (Hockey) 15.6%
  3. Charlie White (Figure Skating) 6.1%
  4. Bobby Brown (Skiing) 3.4%
  5. Shani Davis (Speed Skating) 1.4%

Top 5 Sexiest Female Athletes Competing at Sochi:

  1. Lolo Jones (Bobsleigh) 14.9%
  2. Linn Haug (Snowboarding) 14.2%
  3. Anna Fenninger (Skiing) 11.2%
  4. Anna Sidorova (Curling) 10.8%
  5. Tina Maze (Alpine Skiing) 8.6%

The Sexiest (And Least Attractive) Olympic Sports:

  • Snowboarding and Ice Hockey are considered the sexiest Winter Olympic sport by single women, each earning 27.3% of the votes
  • An overwhelming 43.6% of single men consider Figure Skating to be the sexiest Winter Olympic sport
  • Men and women agree that curling is the least attractive Winter Olympic sport – (41.7% of women and 28.3% of men)
  • 49.1% of singles consider Beach Volleyball the sexiest Summer Olympic sport
  • 51.9% of singles consider Weight Lifting to be the least attractive Summer Olympic sport

Sexiest Winter Olympic Sports Graph 1

An Increase in the Likelihood of a Relationship from Interest in the Following Sports:

The PlentyOfFish Research Team combined this survey with internal analytics to determine if a mutual interest in sports can play a role in forming a relationship between two people. Researchers discovered that singles who shared a love for hockey were 4-times more likely to leave the site in a relationship with another single who also loved hockey. A common interest for skiing increased a singles chance 3-fold of leaving the site with another person who loved the sport. From a sample size of 50,000 couples, an increase was identified in the following sports:

  • Singles who share a love of Hockey are 4.4 times more likely to form a relationship
  • Singles who share a love of Skiing are 3.8 times more likely to form a relationship
  • Singles who share a love of Swimming are 2.8 times more likely to form a relationship
  • Singles who share a love of Biking are 2.8 times more likely to form a relationship

Likelihood to form a Relationship Olympic Sports Graph 2

Olympic Viewership and Fantasies:

  • 38.7% of singles are planning on watching coverage of the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games
  • 31.2% of single women and 49.5% of single men have watched Olympic coverage because they found the competing athlete(s) sexy
  • 25.5% of singles admit to fantasizing about an Olympic athlete
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