The Best Summer Date Ideas

Spring showers have ended, and the eye candy you have been chatting with online has accepted your invitation for a rendezvous!

Congratulations! You are in luck because summer is one of the best times of the year for memorable dates. See the list of the best summer date ideas below:

If you like the classic Dinner and a Movie

Why not try using the season to your advantage? Put a summer spin on it by doing it al fresco! Lots of places do outdoor screenings of classic films or cheesy b-list movies. Look up the title and show time online, grab a blanket, and some snacks BOOM you just organized a fun and creative date.

If you like charcuterie boards at quaint bistros

Why not try a decadent picnic? Late summer evenings outside enjoying delicious food and great company are highly conducive to sparkling conversation (especially if there is sparkling wine involved)! If temperatures dip then its all the more reason to snuggle up under a blanket!

If you like a laid-back pint at the pub

Why not try a chill dessert! There are so many options: ice cream, gelato, sorbet, froyo, its hard to go wrong. Are you a bubble gum guy going out for the first time with a tiger tail gal? Nip that in the bud right now! You guys are coming from different worlds, destined to be star-crossed lovers. Both get Oreo blizzards? Could be sundae soulmates…

If you like touring the art gallery/museum

Why not try the local observatory or better yet, a couple-friendly, light-pollution free spot (not that your momma didn’t already tell you this, but do NOT go with a stranger to a secluded area). Have a geeky affinity for astronomy? Now is your time to shine! Just like looking at those big, beautiful stars? Make up some constellations together! It’s next to impossible to have a bad time star-gazing with someone special

If you are broke as a joke

Try to push that thought out of your head! Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the great (and free) outdoors with someone special. No froufrou cocktail lounges are needed when you can whip up a tasty and reasonably priced batch of sangria! And all the special 3D effects at the deluxe movie theatres pale in comparison to the feeling of grass between your toes while you picnic by the lake.
Keep it easy breezy in the summer heat, but try and remember that your date took time out of his or her schedule to meet with you. A little planning can make you look fun, adventurous, and super thoughtful. In the end, all that matters is that you have a good time together. So pack some SPF and a smile and have your best summer yet!

Sarah Walker

Posted by Sarah Walker

Sarah is a recent grad from UBC Okanagan, currently working in Customer Service a POF. When she is not at work trying to make your online dating experience better, she can be found quilting hiking, or asking her partner (yet again) to make more tea.

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