The Best Dating Advice From Grandparents

Grandparents are older, wiser and usually give a wealth of advice without having been asked for it. Every call, email, or Facebook message, yes my g-rents are on The Facebook, received from a grandparent tends to always include a little saying or witty anecdote about life’s many obstacles. I think most grandparents are guilty as charged for all of the above. At PlentyOfFish, we asked our users, “What is The Funniest Dating Advice You Have Ever Received From A Grandparent?” and the results are somewhat shocking, crude and hilarious…

Here are the Top 5 Funniest Lines Of Dating Advice Ever Received From A Grandparent

1. “Wear old undies on the first date…you’ll be too embarrassed to take them off!”

2. “If you are off on your date, spray scent all over your body and spray it in your knickers”

3. “Make sure they can cook from scratch,” I asked, “what is scratch?” “A type of flour or vegetable.”

4. “Hold an Aspirin between your legs and don’t let go.”

5. “Never run after trains buses or men, another one will always come along”

Before you go on that date tonight, think of the grandparents. Slip on those old undies, spray your knickers and whatever you do…do not get caught with your pants down.

Kate Maclean

Posted by Kate Maclean

Kate is the PR Generalist at PlentyOfFish. Like a kid in a candy shop, Kate’s favorite things to do are eat mass amounts of sushi, spoon her cat Snoop Dogg, and hike the great Canadian wilderness. Her favorite quote of all time is “People who love to eat are the best people” -Julia Child.

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