Finding The Joy in Alone Time

As the old saying goes “you don’t watch water boil” so why would you apply that same knowledge to dating? We all have that one friend who is a little too obsessed with finding a guy. You know the one; the friend, who only goes out if there is confirmed male attendance, or the girl who ditches lady’s night to meet up with the guy she is ‘kind of sort of seeing’.

We ALL know that friend, but does she ever really get the quality guy?

By appearing too eager, you may be putting a sign on you back that says “DATE ME”, which we all know, does the exact opposite of attracting Mr. Right.

When you think about the type of guy you want, is he:

A. The outgoing party guy who’s looking for a good time every night, but has nothing beyond one liners?


B. The guy who has hobbies, interests and a life outside the party?

If you chose the later, why would Mr.Right be looking for anything less than quality in a partner?

Now think about your other friend; the woman who never seems to date but always lands a catch. The women who met the most amazing guy while shopping at the local farmer’s market, walking home from the gym or reading a book at her favorite coffee shop. How does she do it!?

Women like your friend here, have found happiness in alone time and rock it. In case you didn’t know – guys dig an independent woman, it’s enticing to see a lady who can hold her own. When you’re genuinely happy doing your own thing, people can see that through your demeanor, it literally radiates from you. This trait is magnetic.

When was the last time you actually enjoyed your time spent alone?

Think about your hobbies,  and things you’d like to do, or maybe challenge yourself to try something entirely new. Here are a couple ideas to start you off!

Check out your local bookstore

Hit up Chapters, used bookstores or even the corner cafe with your new read and enjoy that extra whip latte. Whether you’re looking to read the New York Times Bestseller before the movie comes out or you love a good mystery, find the book that speaks to you and take some serious me-time to enjoy it.

Try that new boxing class

Gym bunnies: try that kickass boxing gym down the street and learn how to land a knockout punch. What could be better than learning how to kick butt while releasing a ton of feel good endorphins?

Best friends are fur friends

Is your dog your bff? Hit up your local dog park and show everyone why your dog is the best. Not only are you getting some quality pet time in, you’re also in a place to meet guys that are also dog lovers. Who knows, your dog might even “accidentally” run over to the cute guy at the park.

Sign up for a cooking class

Check out what local places offer cooking classes. By arriving solo it leaves you open to being partnered up with someone new. Going alone to a new place can be daunting at first, but let’s be honest, chatting with someone you don’t know yet is a whole lot better when food is involved.

Treat yo’ self

Set aside a night to pamper yourself and really just enjoy having some quality time alone. Pick up your favorite drink or take-out and binge watch all those movies and documentaries that you FINALLY have the time to watch. Take that bubble bath that you keep saying you’ll have, but can never get around to doing. The night is all about you, so enjoy it.

Whatever your thing is, do it and own it. Besides, who knows who you might meet when you’re doing what you love.

Bon Appétit!


Ashley Ma

Posted by Ashley Ma

Ashley is a Customer Success Representative at PlentyOfFish who has a love for all things DIY. Being the ultimate homebody she has sharpened her Netflix watching skills over the years with the help of her pit bull and two hairless cats. Her cats are probably cooler than you. Like every true 90's kid she holds a special place in her heart for old school cartoons. "Being an adult is basically just googling how to do everything."

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