Data Reveals: Top Words To Use in Your Messages that Lead to Conversations

How many times have you caught yourself staring blankly at a cute dating profile, not having the slightest clue how to craft a first message to catch their attention?

I for one, just put up my hand – Guilty as charged.

Luckily for me and you; Plenty of Fish recently analyzed hundreds of thousands of conversations to pull a list of the top words singles use in their first messages that actually lead to a conversation.

The Plenty of Fish findings reveal that compliments go a long way not only IRL but online too!

Men looking to strike up a conversation with the next lady you swipe right on, send a first message that contains a sincere compliment. Plenty of Fish found a full 20 % of guys who use the word “beautiful” got into conversations with ladies online. Or try your hand at using the words, “gorgeous” and “pretty”, which were also among the top 5 words that lead to conversations.

Hot Tip For Men – Top Words that Lead to Conversations Online

  1. Beautiful
  2. Love
  3. Nice
  4. Gorgeous
  5. Pretty
  6. Sexy
  7. Today
  8. Great
  9. Smile
  10. Interested

Now for the ladies – It looks like men like to be complimented just as much as we do! Women who talked about how “handsome” a guy is, or made reference to his “smile” were highly likely to engage in conversation with men online.

Hot Tip For Women – Top Words that Lead to Conversations Online

  1. Nice
  2. Love
  3. Handsome
  4. Great
  5. Smile
  6. Beautiful
  7. Cute
  8. Interested
  9. Chat
  10. Meet

Summer is red hot and conversations are heating up online! Try using these top words in your own messages to spark a conversation. Good luck and get out there!

Kate Maclean

Posted by Kate Maclean

Kate is the PR Generalist at PlentyOfFish. Like a kid in a candy shop, Kate’s favorite things to do are eat mass amounts of sushi, spoon her cat Snoop Dogg, and hike the great Canadian wilderness. Her favorite quote of all time is “People who love to eat are the best people” -Julia Child.

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