The Most Popular Engagement Trends of 2018

Traditionally, proposals have consisted of a man getting permission from his girlfriend’s father before getting down on one knee. Today, though, modern couples are getting creative when popping the big question. From theatrical productions like flash mobs to low-key conversations, here’s how Millennials are approaching engagements.

Theatrical Production

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Some couples choose to go all out with a public spectacle. If your partner doesn’t mind attention and would appreciate a choreographed production, opt for a proposal that incorporates something like a flash mob, second line brass band or even a magic show where a sparkly diamond ring appears out of thin air.

Casual Discussion

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On the other hand, proposals don’t have to be a full-on production with “Lights! Camera! Action!” A proposal can be an everyday conversation with your partner while you are discussing the next steps of your lives together. Be sure to set a romantic tone for your conversation. Pick a quiet place, light some candles, open a bottle of wine and tell your partner all the reasons you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Oh, and don’t forget about the engagement ring!

Scavenger Hunt

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You’re going to need the participation of friends and family for this proposal — a good, old-fashioned scavenger hunt. Leave clues around town at your favorite haunts and places where you and your partner have special memories. Each clue will create a breadcrumb trail leading to the final destination, where you’ll be waiting with an engagement ring in hand. After popping the question and enjoying some alone time, celebrate with a surprise engagement party attended by the friends and family members who helped with your romantic treasure hunt.

Role Reversal

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In an era when women are equal partners in the relationship, sometimes it’s hard to embrace the age-old custom of letting the man plan a proposal. For heterosexual couples who eschew traditional gender roles, consider a role reversal. Buy an engagement band or watch and pop the question in a special place. He’ll surely be surprised!

Instagram or Snapchat Story

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If your partner is a social media master, surprise them by popping the question using their favorite storytelling platform. For instance, create a Snapchat or Instagram story with an array of photos or videos that list all the of reasons you love your partner. Or, create a thoughtful photo timeline of all the milestones you have shared with one another. And, then the final slide will be you asking, “Will you marry me?” with the presentation of a glitzy engagement ring. As your partner watches the story unfold on their smartphone, be ready to capture his or her reaction — and the all-important “yes!” — with your phone.

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