5 Unique Ways to Tell Your Family & Friends You’re Engaged

Getting engaged should be one of the most exciting, romantic, and memorable occasions of your life. What do you do after the engagement? There are few moments in life as exciting as the days following your engagement. You are exploding with happiness and want to share it with the world. Take care to prioritize who gets to know first. How should you reveal the happy occasion to your families? You will undoubtedly want to make the announcement as memorable and unique as possible. Once you have let the proverbial cat out of the bag, your family will want to know all about it.

For example: Congratulations! Have you set the date yet? Let me see the engagement rings! How many carats is it? Is that white gold, silver, or titanium? Before announcing your engagement to your families, prepare ahead of time for these questions and any others you think they may ask. No doubt, once you have broadcast your forthcoming nuptials, your families will be aflutter with congratulatory hugs, smiles, and a bombardment of questions. It can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. Educate yourselves about the ring and write it all down. This way, you will be able to easily pull the answers out of your purse or pocket and please the masses.

Newspaper Announcement

What better way to announce your happy engagement to the world than with a public announcement in the local paper? Take care of letting everyone know in one simple swoop! Be careful though. Keep in mind that this method of announcing your engagement means family members will not necessarily be the first to know. If you think someone may get upset because you didn’t let them know before revealing your upcoming wedding to the world, you may be able to still pull off this method of announcing your engagement and let your families be the first to know. When you take your engagement photo and announcement in to the local paper, ask if they would be willing to provide you with a couple of copies before the paper is released to the public. Casually leave the paper in a conspicuous area and wait for the exclamations and laughter shared with your families.

Another benefit of revealing your engagement through the newspaper is that 99% of these publications create a version of their content online as well. Once you have shown your family members the physical article in the newspaper, you can then send them the link to the article on the paper’s website, forever saved on the internet!

Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt to let your family know about your engagement. Leave messages with clues that eventually lead to your announcement. You may decide to let the final clue be an actual written announcement or something that will make your family think. Maybe the final clue could lead to your parents’ wedding picture, a church, or even to your hand, which would be sporting a shiny new engagement ring. However you decide to create your scavenger hunt, it will no doubt be an exciting and memorable occasion for all.


Another way to announce your engagement to your families is to hold a special outdoor occasion or picnic. While everyone is outdoors, fly a drone over the space with a sign attached. There are many affordable drone options, and you can easily get creative with the sign you attach. Plus, if people aren’t paying enough attention the first time you fly it by, you can easily take another pass! A fun, modern-day twist to announce your engagement.

Play a Game

If your family is big on games, try a couples rounds of charades. After a couple other people have taken their turn, you and your fiancé can grab a slip of paper, reacting as if you will be trying to act out what is on the paper. Instead, make your goal to have your family guess that you are engaged! One route is just to have you both stare at the engagement ring until people notice. Another option is to look as if one of you is proposing, then point out that you already have the ring on. Either way, you family should slowly catch on and celebrate with you.

Make a Video

Another fun way to announce your engagement to the whole family at once is to record a video on your computer or phone. Make sure to flash the wedding rings in the video so everyone will notice. After a family meal, pretend you want to show them some funny new videos online. You may even show them a couple of other videos before revealing yours. Watch the surprise and amazement creep up on their faces as they realize it is your engagement announcement!

Whatever way you decide to tell your families about your engagement, it is certain to be a memorable experience everyone will treasure. Once you have shared the good news with your families and closest friends, you are free to tell the rest of the world! Most of all, enjoy and treasure this special moment in your life. It is a memory that will last a lifetime.

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