Is there a modern day Don Draper in your Inbox?

Every Mad Men fan knows Don Draper is the ultimate womanizer -a trait most women despise. Yet with his good looks, charm and intelligence, this 1960’s advertising executive has plenty of qualities that would entice dozens of online profile viewers.

So how can you identify a modern day Don Draper based on what he writes on PlentyofFish? Here is a look at how the modern day Don Draper would structure his online profile. All of these categories are preset in the POF profile options.

  • Marital Status– Quite frankly, this changes too often to be noted on the profile. A Don Draper type will choose “Prefer Not to Say.” You could marry a Don Draper type, but that commitment may not mean anything to him.
  • Age– Draper would never reveal his age. His background is shrouded in mystery as he continually reinvents himself. Age is also not a factor with the women he pursues. The modern day Draper will likely email women of all ages.
  • Education– Don Draper is intelligent, so a college degree will definitely be listed on this profile.
  • Profession- Don Draper IS his profession. He would certainly make this visible on his profile, selecting “Marketing” or “Executive” from the options. You’ll probably be able to find him on LinkedIn too.
  • Income– While he is proud of his job, he is too respectable to brag. Income will not be mentioned anywhere in his profile.
  • Self Confidence– Draper’s character appears confident and self-assured on the surface, but dig deeper, and you will see he is not. The facade is part of the man. Either way, the modern day Don Draper will definitely select on “High Self-Confidence.”
  • Family orientation– Draper lost both biological parents as a child, hated his stepmother and remains disconnected to his own family. Don Draper cannot be tied down. Under family orientation, he will list “Not Family Centric.”
  • Children– In spite of appearing noncommittal when it comes to family, a Draper will be loyal, loving, and attentive to children he does have, even if he doesn’t always show it. When Don Draper truly cares about people (think Anna, Peggy, and his kids), he takes care of them. A Draper profile will not hide that he has children.
  • Pets– As the founding partner of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, Draper does not have time for pets, and neither does his modern day counterpart. Look for “No Pets.”
  • Drinking Habits– Don wouldn’t hide anything here; the man openly drinks at work. He would choose “Often.”
  • Body Type– A modern day Don Draper knows the importance of physical appearance. He’s devastatingly attractive. He will be “Athletic.”
  • Intent– POF users get to choose the level of seriousness they want from a relationship. Don Draper has pursued women in all of these categories, so expect “Anything.”
  • Personality– Don Draper is a professional, so expect to see “Professional” listed on his profile. This type of man takes his work seriously and has an image to maintain. Don’t be disappointed when he keeps his dating life under wraps.

Don Draper is full of contradictions, which makes him so alluring to women: he’s distant but demanding, charming yet mysterious. As you browse online profiles, make sure you pay attention to the details. It could be the difference between a Don Draper and a Pete Campbell.

Now that you’ve identified him, the only question is: would you date him?

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