The Top European Cities You Should Visit For a Romantic Getaway Before Summer Ends

Nothing beats escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life and travelling somewhere hot and sunny with the one you love, but with so many great places to visit it can be hard to narrow down where exactly you should go.

Phillip Garlick from travel money experts H&T, reveals his top recommendations for romantic city breaks this summer.

Travelling and seeing the world first-hand is one of life’s greatest joys for many people, but when you’ve got that special someone by your side, it’s even better. While the past may have seen couples fleeing to exotic countries for fortnight-long trips, statistics from the ONS have revealed that we are now going on more city breaks instead. 

Here, I will be sharing my recommendations for must-see cities this summer, where love will certainly be in the air. 

Paris, France

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Regarded as the ‘City of Love’, Paris is the perfect location for loved up couples looking to experience rich culture and history, as well as world-class croissants! As the place where famous artists, poets and film directors have previously flocked to gain inspiration for award-winning pieces, it’s clear that this beautiful city has so much to offer. 

If you’re into seeing some of the world’s most famous landmarks, Paris is the right place to be. From the impressive Eiffel Tower standing at 324m high, to the Pont des Arts bridge that was previously adorned in “love locks” from couples making their mark on the city, there is an experience to be had in every corner of the city. When you’re taking a break from sightseeing, there are plenty of picturesque streets to walk and parks to picnic in. I recommend visiting the oldest and largest public garden the city has to offer, the Tuileries Garden.

With Brexit negotiations still ongoing, the pound is volatile, meaning there’s no recommended time for buying your euros for a trip to Paris. However, our H&T guide to buying travel money has some expert tips and tricks that can help you out.  

Seville, Spain

Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

Seville is renowned for being Spain’s most romantic city, and with an annual average temperature of 19.2°C, you can bet there will be year-round sunshine in this stunning place. Romance awaits you around every corner and along the way you’re sure to see many pretty plazas with impressive fountains, as well as colourful Andalusian houses that will make gorgeous backdrops for your photos. 

Seville boasts romance and what better way to celebrate your budding relationship than attending a moonlit outdoor concert at the Alcázar palace? These events have been a tradition for almost two decades now and take place throughout the whole of the summer season, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on this magical experience!

Seville is one of the more expensive parts of Spain so budgeting a little over your expectations is recommended. A modest €9 fee will permit you access into the Seville cathedral while a decent meal in a local restaurant can cost you up to €20–€30 per person (Lonely Planet). 

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

Known for its picturesque scenery, including expansive green spaces and the famous Tivoli Park, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight into a fairy tale when you visit Ljubljana. Previously reigning champion as the European Commission’s Green Capital of Europe (2016), the city centre has restrictions on car traffic meaning that there are more places for you and your partner to explore on foot — in particular, the leafy banks of the Ljubljanica River.

There are so many beautiful aspects to enjoy with bridges, buildings, pillars and even lamp posts that have been designed purely to add to the aesthetic of the town. Although there are walking tours available at steal prices, if you want a unique way of exploring the city, consider riding the funicular railway for €13 return. 

Despite being a capital city, Ljubljana isn’t an expensive place to visit. But, if you’re looking for some great food and drink without spending much, downtown Ljubljana or the outskirts of the city are your best bet.

Pula, Croatia

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

Looking for something a little more off the beaten track? While Croatia is certainly an up and coming holiday destination for 2019 thanks to festivals like Sonus and Fresh Island, Pula is a less well-known and visited part of the country. Offering a mixture of Croatian and Roman culture, this is the perfect destination for couples looking to explore and immerse themselves in rich history. A must-see here is the first century Roman amphitheatre, known as Pula Arena, that’s still in such great condition that concerts are still hosted here! 

The location of this seafront city also makes it the perfect place for leisurely strolls with your loved one, or even a picnic by the beach. Plus, with Croatian wine tourism really taking off, there will be plenty of opportunities to look into the wine-making traditions of Istria and sample some of these tasty wines: the perfect way to end your trip together!

The currency used in Croatia is Kuna (HRK) which is divided into 100 lipas per Kuna — just like pounds and pence. A better Sterling to Kuna exchange rate will ensure you have more to spend on your trip away so look out for periods where the pound is strong against the HRK. 

Taking a trip with the one you love is a heart-warming experience and choosing the right city to explore can make the break even more magical. Take inspiration from one of my recommended cities and enjoy!

Posted by Phillip Garlick

Phillip Garlick is a Senior Executive at travel money experts H&T. As a practising Chartered Director and a fellow member of the Institute of Directors London, Phillip is recognised as an influential business leader. His experience spans 25 years across various operational and board level positions within SME's, PLC's and venture capital backed enterprises, with his role at H&T demonstrating his extensive knowledge about finance.

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