5 Ways to Enjoy New Year’s Eve as a Singleton

The holidays are known to be a time when couples… well, couple. At this time of year it’s easy to feel down about not having a love to share milestone events with. But can the same be said for New Year’s Eve? As it happens, there are a number of advantages to your single status as the clock counts down to 2017. Here are five of them.

Make it a night to remember with your buddies

You have an incredible group of friends who all migrated to their various corners of the country for Christmas. Now everyone’s returned to the city and still very much in the holiday spirit, gather your nearest and dearest pals and make memories with them. Host a house party and invite people to stay with you to avoid the rush of the taxis. Being the host with the most gives you a purpose on NYE and it’s incredibly satisfying to see your closest friends having a blast in the four walls of your home.

Buy tickets to that wickedly popular club

If you’re in a relationship, you need to compromise with your other half when it comes to the ideal New Year’s Eve. If they want to stay in and you’re geared up for a night on the tiles, one of you will ultimately cave and give in. But if you’re single – now’s the time to have the New Year’s Eve you’re craving! Had your eye on that painfully trendy club? Grab a couple friends, buy your tickets and go all out!

Meet people from all over the world

One of my favourite memories of New Year’s Eve dates back to Sydney, Australia in 2004. (and yes, this does make me feel very old!) There’s something about New Year’s Eve that brings together people from the corners of the globe, and you don’t have to be overseas to experience this. Any major city is a hub of activity on December 31, so head into town and talk to everyone you cross paths with – who knows, maybe there’s a spare room with your name on it in the city you vow to visit in 2017!

Stay up however late you please

If your other half’s an early bird and you’re a night owl, NYE can be a tough one to agree on. One of you is waiting for midnight to strike before their bed beckons; but to you, the night begins at 12:01am! If you don’t have anyone to go home to, you can stay up dancing and laughing with your friends until the sun rises!

Embrace the thrill of the midnight kiss

But I don’t know who I’ll be with when the clock strikes midnight,” I hear you wail…! Fear not, my single compadre – the thrill of the midnight kiss is the best part of being single on New Year’s! If you’re out at the wickedly popular club and you’re meeting people from all over the world, you’re already well on your way. Just be sure you’re conveniently locked in conversation with that cute Italian as the minutes fall through the hourglass on this year, and that coveted midnight smooch is yours for the taking.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to brush up on my lyrics to Auld Lang Syne…!

Cheryl Muir

Posted by Cheryl Muir

Cheryl Muir is an author, entrepreneur and the host of Behind the Manuscript. Cheryl is motivated by two driving forces – empowering upcoming writers to finally write the book they dream of, and providing readers with rich, enticing worlds to lose themselves in. Surviving against the odds, Cheryl overcame bullying, sexual assault and addiction to build a business around the one thing that provided comfort during those years – writing.

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  1. Good to hear there’s people out here that knows what the struggle is all about. Keep me up dated on the turn events.

    Carlvay Jones

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